Ralf Balzer

Ralf was born in Zurich, Switzerland, where he grew up playing jazz and rock 'n' roll. He spent a number of years with the Apple’s Paradise big band before earning a scholarship to the Grove School of Music, which brought him to the United States. Fifteen years later, he holds recording credits on nearly twenty albums and has performed roughly 2000 live shows, playing and recording with such charting artists as E.G. Daily, The Flys, Joey Santiago (of the Pixies), and Moris Tepper (Captain Beefheart). Ralf has toured extensively throughout the world, including Cuba, France, Italy, Spain, Puerto Rico, Turkey, and Honduras. These days, along with playing jazz with the Sam Graham Trio in Los Angeles, he divides his time between producing, session work, and artist management.

EMAIL: ralfbalzer@earthlink.net

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